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The Swiss National Strong Motion Network

In the early 80's the Swiss Seismological Service together with the formerly Federal Office for Water and Geology (FOWG) started to plan a strong motion network capable to study the following seismological and engineering aspects:

  • Characteristics of strong ground motion at different sites.
  • Attenuation of strong ground motion with distance.
  • Investigation of site effects due to different local geology.
  • Investigation of the dynamic behaviour of main types of dams in Switzerland.

  • Financial support for purchase and installation of the instruments was provided by the dam owners through the Swiss Association of Producers and Distributors of Electricity (Verband Schweizerischer Elektrizitätswerke-VSE). The annual costs for service, maintenance and data compilation is covered by the government and contracted to the Swiss Seismological Service. The installation and commissioning of this network with a total of 110 strong motion stations was carried out between 1992 and 1998. Due to different requirements and aspects, this network is subdivided in two subnetworks:

  • free-field network (57 stations)
  • dam-related network (53 stations)

  • In addition to these two networks another station array with strong motion accelerographs is located in all the Nuclear Power Plants of Switzerland. This network is, contrary to the others, operated by the Nuclear Power Plants themselves.

    Annual Strong Motion Bulletins

    Please feel free to download the annual reports:

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